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Helpful ides of what to do when your emotional body feel out of balance.
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You have probably heard about this before: Capricorns are known to be grounded, stable and stubborn or how an Aries can be impulsive, full of energy and confident. This is why you are unlikely to find a poor Capricorn; their innate personalities and qualities propel them to do well in life as does their obsession for status. They care so much and deeply about security that they only know one way to do things and their paths must bring them to an end journey that is fruitful and productive.

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Home Books Self-Improvement. Save For Later. Create a List. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Author Introduction According to Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, Character is Destiny and this fundamental truth sums up the reasons for my writing the AstroCoaching series of books. Understanding Sun Signs There are twelve sun signs within the zodiac and each one is about a month long.

Things Your Sun Sign Can Help Determine When it comes to destiny and influence your sun sign has the ability to influence many aspects of your life. Your Astrological Sign and Your Personality Our individual and unique personalities often affect how we choose to live our lives and the decisions we make that also change the courses of that life. Likewise an Aries will always do what they want and when they want. They detest being reigned in. You begin to understand yourself, to accept yourself Let me help you find your peace.

Yes, although I prefer to add the visual of the online readings. Invite more focus, joy, and peace into your life through an interactive online reading. I have studied Astrology for over 30 years and have been a student of life for much longer than that. Learning is often enhanced when we use more than one of our senses. During an online reading with me you will experience visual representations of the archetypes of the zodiac and receive personalized explanations of how those archetypes energies manifest in your life.

You can choose individual consultations or ongoing interactive online coaching for a more in depth understanding. I invite you to visit my web site to learn more about an interactive online astrology reading. It is alive, changing and reaching for the stars. There is only one person who can live your chart — You. If you are absent, none of its promises can be fulfilled, no challenges overcome.

I practice because this is my passion in life, and because each reading leaves me in awe of how transformative this language is, yet how fun. Established by Evolutionary Astrologer Jonathan Hall, Soul Power Astrology offers the latest in modern Western astrological techniques to help you grow personally and professionally.

Studying and practicing astrology for over 15 years, Jonathan is a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer trained by Steven Forrest, author of the astrological bestseller The Inner Sky. With this time-tested wisdom, Soul Power Astrology will provide you with the essential knowledge and personal insights to find your path and power your soul. She has been studying with Steve for 4 years and has an intention of using Evolutionary Astrology to understand the story that has been constructed around the self over time.

This will point to the path toward healing the wounds that have ripened in this life and are ready to be resolved. Kathy believes yoga asana practice can be used for embodiment, meditation to know your mind and astrology for self development. All three of theses modalities pave the path to self realization, a state of awakening and clarity leading to enlightenment. Hence, this work benefits all beings. Learn how to navigate crossroads and crises in consciousness, and give yourself the gift of astrology by using your own chart as the best imaginable guide by which to live your life to its highest and happiest potential.

Robert Phoenix

A Forrest-trained astrologer, and student of archetypal, psychological, and evolutionary astrology, I have studied with Steven Forrest through his Apprenticeship Program, and at the Faculty of Astrology in the U. Astrology is my passion, and through it I have discovered that life is a matter of choice. My mission is to inspire, transform, and empower through astrological insight!

I offer natal, transits and progressions, relationship, and career focused readings. Please visit my website at www.

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I am a counselor, doing my best work over time by using the chart as a guide to in-depth exploration of the inner landscape. It can be difficult to find compassionate yet honest ways of working with these subjects, relatively free of the Western social judgments about them. I am thrilled to be in the initial class of Kepler College , a groundbreaking college of astrological history, technique and synthesis.

Astrology For The Now Age

Astrology has been in my life always and yours as well. It is ancient and works with or without our knowing. No longer is this profession, which is an artful blend of psychology, metaphysics and the ancient wisdom being received as something of the New Age movement - and this is good! The celestial bodies astro have been studied ology by cultures around Mother Earth for ages. The astrological birth chart will reveal our strengths, habits, and directions to take on our Earth-walk.

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Astrology is an effective tool for self-discovery and can assist you in becoming more self-aware and confident in your present life. Furthermore, as you move into your future it can aid in relieving past wounds and self-doubt caused by false and outdated belief systems.

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It can guide you in all areas of your life and become your compass. I employ my passion for spiritual healing and use skills gleaned over lifetimes of experience as an intuitive woman, healer, grandmother, artist, nurse, midwife, and certified hypnotherapist to assist you in your journey of self-discovery and wellness. All of these are individualized based on client needs and requests.

Clients are served internationally and I would love the opportunity to add you to the growing community of astrologically savvy souls having a human incarnation.

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If you are ready for the exploration of your highest and greatest, please contact me at the above sites. I know together we can formulate a plan for your health, wellness and success in spirit, mind and body.

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As ever, in peace, I am at your service, Shelley. This is the philosophy that guides my readings, to not only strive to support you in making changes you want to bring about in your life but also to find the valuable things in you that are hidden and uncover them. No one can tell you definitively who you are.

Ultimately, the inner workings of any individual are mysterious and deserve to be examined and experienced with respect and reverence. It is sometimes by studying a reflection or interpretation of you that can lead you to deeper insight.

That is all I ever hope for in every reading I offer. A centuries old discipline now dramatically enhanced by Solorfire 9v technology to help you make the most of your potential and to avoid, avoidable difficulties. We could share up to three hours of in-depth conversation. Evolutionary Astrology opens your heart to recognize choices.

Cosmic Coaching : Unleash Your Star Signs True Potential

Planets do not make your choices. You hold the cards. Laughter is a huge part of each session. Astrology is an intrinsic part of my personal journey in conscious awakening. Its introduction provided the energetic shift onto the spiritual path I needed through satisfying a lifelong desire to know myself and understand human nature.