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OrÃ?culo manual y arte de prudencia (Memorias / Memories) (Spanish Edition) book download
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Para acuartelar, entre nosotros, grandes cuerpos de tropas armadas. Para protegerlos , por medio de un juicio ficticio, del castigo por los asesinatos que pudiesen cometer entre los habitantes de estos Estados.

Para suspender nuestro comercio con todas las partes del mundo. Para imponernos impuestos sin nuestro consentimiento. Ha saqueado nuestros mares, asolado nuestras costas, incendiado nuestras ciudades y destruido la vida de nuestro pueblo. Share Flipboard Email. Still, the bilingual edition allows one to get a good sense of how he expresses himself.

The presentation is more interesting. It appears to be a complete object in itself but on opening it another box is revealed, and on opening that, another, and so on until one reaches the core, a miniature so small that it can barely be handled. Each maxim begins Then come the reasons, explanations, elucidations, conclusions. Not neatly, logically built up, but still supporting each idea.

It's generally fairly sensible stuff, with some interesting twists. Nuggets that struck us along the way include: Unhappy the talent devoted to evil ends! Knowledge without wisdom is doubly folly. What a misfortune it is for our age that it should look upon virtue as peculiar and vice as normal. Alexander cried at the tomb of Achilles, not for Achilles but for himself, for unlike Achilles, he had not yet been born to fame. Nothing makes the spirit so ambitious as the trumpet of someone else's fame.

La Prudencia (Spanish Edition)

It frightens away envy and encourages noble deeds. It takes more to make one sage today than it did to make the seven of Greece. And you need more resources to deal with a single person these days than with an entire nation in times past.

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They are a second being. To a friend, all friends are good and wise. When you are with them, all turns out well. You are worth as much as others want you to be and say you are, and the way to their mouths lies through their hearts. Nothing bewitches like service to others, and the best way to win friends is to act like one. The most and best we have depends on others. You must live either with friends or with enemies.

Win one each day, if not as a confidant, at least as a follower. Choose well and some will remain whom you can trust. Some people do everything to begin and nothing to end. Fickle characters, they start but don't persist. They never win praise because they carry on but don't carry through. To them everything is over before it ends. The Spaniard is known for his impatience, as the Belgian for his patience. The latter finishes things, the former finishes them off; he sweats until he has conquered difficulty, is content to conquer, but doesn't know how to carry through on his victory.

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He proves that he can but doesn't want to. This is always a defect: it shows either inconstancy or having rashly attempted the impossible.

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What is worth doing is worth finishing. If it isn't worth finishing, why begin at all? The wise don't merely stalk their prey, the make the kill.

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In the summer it is wise to provide for winter, and it is easier to do so. Favors are less expensive, and friendships abound. It is good to save up for a rainy day: adversity is expensive and all is lacking. Keep a following of friends and grateful people; someday you will value what now seems unimportant. Villainy has no friends in prosperity because it refuses to recognize them. In adversity it is the other way around. These are the elements of greatness.

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Because they are immortal they bestow immortality. Each is as much as he knows, and the wise can do anything. A person without knowledge is in a world without light. Wisdom and strength are the eyes and hands.

Lorca, Garcia (–) - The House of Bernarda Alba: Act III

Knowledge without courage is sterile. You thereby double your life. One must not depend on one thing or trust to only one resource, however preeminent. Everything should be kept double, especially the causes of success, of favor, or of esteem.

"circunspecto" in English

Thus as nature gives us in duplicate the most important of our limbs and those most exposed to risk, so art should deal with the qualities on which we depend for success. All victories breed hate, and that over your superior is foolish or fatal. Jan 29, Quang Nguyen added it. Something is probably wrong with the translation current Kindle edition on Amazon. Edit: Turned out I bought the one with the worst translation. View all 3 comments.