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The brevity of the six-word structure makes it an ideal form for this type of review. As a Form of Reflection. I began this post discussing how I use six-word memoirs with my own students as a form of reflection. I ask my pre-service teachers to reflect on our time together, on what they have learned, and how they have grown as teachers and students.

I am a firm believer in the power of reflection, and I have seen the six-word structure help my students grow in their ability to reflect.

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I think the power of this lies in the limits. It is harder, of course, to be reflective in six words. It is harder to find voice in six words. You have to make a choice: do you want to be funny, or serious? How much do you want to share? You can be awfully honest in just six words, you can choose to put it all out there. This goes for young students, too.

We can ask students in elementary school to reflect upon the type of readers they become over the course of a school year, or the type of mathematicians, or how they changed as writers or scientists or questioners. From our initial prompt, students can reflect in any number of ways. They can be silly or serious, thoughtful or rushed. Thank you for the comment!

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Thanks for signing up! Moon and I. ISBN Gr With a light and humorous touch, Ms. Byars tells of the way she writes her books. Throughout the account, she also tells of her relationship with a snake, Moon, which she found near her cabin. Her need to learn more about snakes in general and Moon in particular became an obsession that, for a brief time, dominated her existence.

That obsession, the reasons for it, and the ways in which she conducted her research are so interesting and helpful that you want to read the brief book aloud at the outset of a research project. Read more. Illustrated by Bryan Collier. Picture Book. This beautifully illustrated story follows him from making his own instruments out of household objects with his friends to becoming a world-famous musician.

Along the way we get a taste of low-income New Orleans and Trombone Shorty's consuming passion for music. Great for preschool through at least fourth grade. Carle, Eric. Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 1 - 9 This is a wonderful source book for information about the picture book author and his work. Author Info. Carlson, Laurie. Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: K - 2 John Batterson Stetson didn't find much gold in the rush to California but the hatmaker from New Jersey did invent the wide-brimmed hat that was to become a symbol of the west.

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Christensen, Bonnie. He taught himself to play the guitar and began playing on the streets of Paris early in life. When a badly burnt left hand threatens to end his career he develops a way to play guitar in spite of the deformity. Striking illustrations carry this book about the Roma people, jazz, and overcoming adversity.

Cleary, Beverly. Her first few years were spent on a farm isolated even from the small town of Yamhill.. Her mother's overbearing and strict nature further isolated Beverly.

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Eventually her parents quit farming and moved the family to Portland where her father worked as a night watchman and Beverly entered public school which, at first, was a disaster, much to her mother's embarassment. Later Beverly made friends and succeeded academically. Leaving home didin't mean the end of problems with her mother and, as in the first volume, Cleary makes no attempt to slide over that relationship. At college, she lived with her aunt, and the incidents of her college life and romances are remembered clearly.

The book offers a good perspective on growing up in the s. Cooney, Barbara.

Six-Word Memoir Assignment

Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 3 - 9 This is an insightful rendition of the painful childhood years of Eleanor Roosevelt whose emancipation came during her boarding school years in London. Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 5 - 9 In many ways, this is a bitter account of the bullies and authority figures who were a large part of Dahl's childhood. Amongst the bitterness, however, is hilarity as we witness the rebellious young boy's dealing with his oppressors.

Dash, Joan. Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 5 - 9 In a handsome book with wonderfully light illustrations, Dash tells the complex story of an invention by an equally complex man, clockmaker John Harrison, who invented the device to measure longitude. Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 2 - 8 This beautifully illustrated picture book contains some of the Buddhist beliefs and the Dalai's efforts toward peace. It is important for the account it gives us of the persecution of the Jews, but even more important for the intimate portrait of the hopeful young girl.

Freedman, Russell.

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  6. Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 5 - 9 Freedman's biography of one of the most influential and controversial first ladies of America creates the full-bodied picture of the activist who served as her husband's legs and often his conscience. Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 5 - 9 Freedman makes the life of the charismatic leader vivid and engaging for all readers, using photographs liberally. Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 4 - 9 Freedman received the Newbery Award for this masterful biography of Lincoln in which the complicated nature of the witty storyteller and astute politician at times overwhelmed by melancholy is revealed.

    Fritz, Jean. She fills in the portrait of Paul Revere and his times in a light but factual manner. Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 4 - 8 In one of her longer biographies, Fritz tells the story of the frail child who became a zestful, enthusiastic and charismatic leader.

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    Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 5 -9 In this book we begin to understand the personality as well as the effect on United States history of this little man. This is the biography of a statue that was started by da Vinci and finished centuries later. Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 4 - 9 As always, with Jean Fritz's work, the book is carefully researched and she invents and assumes nothing.

    Here's his heroism in earlier times, his greed and, at last, his incredible treachery. What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?

    mocosorcowskhatnu.tk Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 2 - 6 Fritz's light shines brightly on the engaging and eccentric inventor who became so influential in the American political and scientific world. Order Info Rating: 3 Stars Grades: 2 - 8 This is the eccentric man who became a leader of the Revolution and strode about Boston because he refused to ride a horse.

    Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 2 - 6 The wealthy, rather foppish man who became one of the mainstays and financiers of the American Revolution is given a light coverage in this brief bicentennial biography. Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 5 - 9 Twenty-nine separate poems combine to tell a story of the disintegration of the author's family.

    Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki. Order Info Rating: 4 Stars Grades: 4 - 9 One of the first families to be relocated to a Japanese Internment Camp in the California mountains was the Wakatsuki family which was forced to abandon a thriving fishing business in Long Beach and take only what they could carry. Hurst, Carol Otis.