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Origins of Cuban Music and Dance
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Casino is danced Contratiempo, like Son and Mambo, but can also danced A-tiempo. Casino is a social dance, concentrating on musicality, body motion, personal styling using the countless Afro Cuban origins of the dance , and connection between the partners.

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The partners move freely on the dance floor, always maintaining a circular pattern of motion around each other, with the leader being in the center of the circle, and the follower s dancing at the perimeter of the circle Casino is often danced with more than 2 partners in various combinations. It has some Mambo influences as well.

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Unlike the Colombians, who choose to place the emphasis on fast footwork, Puertorican salsa owes its style to its origins in Son, placing the emphasis on and elegance and smooth motion, especially for the leader who always maintains upright posture. Sharing many origins, dance steps, elements and styling, Casino and Puertorican salsa can be interchangeably danced to their respective types of salsa music. Just like Casino, Puertorican salsa is danced both Contratiempo and A-tiempo.

Well, that just about sums it up for the moment.

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I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot…. Congratulations Monsieur Morozov, You have managed to plot the most complicated graph in the history of earth. No te preocupes; Yo se que el Che era Argentino, pero esto no es importante.

La cosa importante es que gran persona era, y que podemos aprender de el. Congratulations on the page, is very complete. Hi there, I was just wondering, in the video you posted about Casino, the song is Mala Noche by Adalberto Alvarez, they are dancing with a weird timing, they are not dancing one 1, Can you shed some light please?

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Hola Antonio! AFAIK, this manner of dancing stems from Danzon and Mambo, as in music of these genres the bass plays on the 3rd and 4th beat of each bar of music. So a person that watches that video would assume that the male, which is the one who leads and decides where to start dancing, either. Whichever of the above two assumptions one chooses to make , everything is thrown out of the window later in the video , because if you keep looking and get to minute 1.

Therefore it can be concluded that he was either dancing with the wrong timing in the first part of the video or he was dancing with the wrong timing in the second part of the video. I would say he picked the wrong timing in the first part of the video because the song is clearly in Well, the answer is YES.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the reason why the guy was dancing with the wrong timing is that he started dancing with the right timing but then failed to adjust his dance moves to the clave change , and only managed to do the adjustment at From my personal experience, I can say that unless you know the song quite well, some clave changes such as the one you mentioned can at times be difficult to spot right at the moment they occur.

Once again a great post! Raw, expressive and exciting to watch, rumba is a spontaneous and often informal affair performed by groups of up to a dozen musicians. Conga drums, claves, palitos sticks , marugas iron shakers and cajones packing cases lay out the interlocking rhythms, while the vocals alternate between a wildly improvising lead singer and an answering coro chorus. Despite being viewed early on as subversive and anti-revolutionary, Cuban hip-hop has gained unlikely support from the country's government, whose art-conscious legislators consider it to have played a constructive social role in shaping the future of Cuban youth.

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Lonely Planet. El ritmo cubano: Cuba's musical soul.

Putumayo Presents - Afro-Latin Party

Last year, I bought a one-way ticket not recommendable to Cuba, with the intention of dancing my heart out to latino beats and leaving an expert salsa dancer that would inspire jealousy in all future dance socials. However, this was not the case. From crowded guaguas to bustling streets of colonial towns, the monotonous beat of heavy rapping dominated the island.

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Shaped mainly by Spanish and African influences, music in Cuba evolved rapidly and extensively, resulting in a wide range of beats and rhythms. Through the years, Cuban music has seen a complex pattern of people, politics, and powers. More than just entertainment, music in Cuba has been a social statement.

Reaching an international audience when musicians fled to New York to escape the oppressive Communist regime, the accessible nature of son music travelled far beyond the eastern provinces of Cuba that it developed in. The salsa music that developed abroad gave a voice to the Hispanic community and become the sound associated with this Caribbean island.