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Perceiving angelic messages in this manner is called Clairsentience. On the other hand, if the angels are sending a warning, you may be overwhelmed by a feeling of dread. A positive message generally means that you are on the right path. Your angels are happy with the efforts you are putting in your life. They send you a message of affirmation to encourage you to continue with your current course.

Usually, such a message is accompanied by promises of reward and abundance. On the other hand, if you react negatively to a message, it means that are saying no to your requests. For example, if such a message makes you feel uncomfortable, the angels want you to change your current path. Your life is full of toxic energies. The angels want you to clear your energy. This happens to a few unique people. You have a question, and you go about seeking divine answers.

Suddenly, even before you are through with the question or prayer , you realize you have the answers. Imagine you are at a loss on how to proceed with a certain project. You decide to meditate over the matter. Even before you are a few minutes into the meditation, all the answers come rushing into your mind.

You know all the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. This is how Claircognizance works. When you tune into this subtle psychic process, you can receive all angel messages with much ease. This process of receiving messages beats all logical understanding. You cannot validate it in any way. You just know what you need to do without putting much effort into the process.

When you keep receiving revelations in this manner, know that your angels are trying to reach you. The use of your subtle psychic senses is a great way of receiving messages from the angelic realm.

But, how can you use these senses so that you can benefit from angel messages? The first thing you need to understand is which of your psychic senses is most prominent. You can do this by increasing your awareness of the present moment. Then, try to focus on the most natural way that the messages r reaching you.

This will help you to gain a deeper knowledge of the area you need to concentrate on. For most people, persistence, practice, and determination is the keys to their discovery. Employ these qualities so that you are able to connect with your angels on multiple levels. Remember to keep it simple and straightforward. Where, you seem to get stuck, what do you do? Your angels are sending you messages because they want to help you — not complicate your life! As such, it is not in their interests to see you stranded.

They will guide you systematically until you get your footing as far as deciphering divine messages is concerned. They will guide you on the steps you are supposed to take through dreams, signs, and omens.

Search results for 'angels cry'

They could also intervene in your life through downloads from the spirit and even telepathically. Also, you can connect very well with your angels through meditation. They can use this channel to reveal to you how best you can use your psychic senses. Angel messages come into our lives to uplift us.

They can be associated with positive outcomes and encouragement. Others are sent into our lives to warn us when we deviate. These kinds of messages are not meant to destroy us. Rather, they guide us back onto the right path. Regardless of the message sent to you by your angels, make good use of it. It will guide you along the path of righteousness and happiness. Home About Search.

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Are you interested in angel messages? Then this guide is for you! Actually, they are part and parcel of your very existence. Who are the Angels? But, never will an angel message come into your life as a curse.

See a Problem?

In other words, angel messages enable you to live healthier, more quality lives. This is one of the surest ways of unleashing blessings from the Universe.


Every person has been assigned angels to watch over them. For example, meditate about their messages. Read about them. Talk about your angels. Think about them. Consult them for guidance. Truly, the list is endless! They will help you with virtually every aspect of your life. What are the Steps to Receiving Angel Messages? Seek Their Guidance Angels have your best interests at heart. That is until you reach out for their help.

Be Observant We often miss subtle signs from the Angels as we are busily going about our lives. The Angels send messages in all sorts of ways and if you are caught up in doing, day dreaming and worrying, you may well miss the signs!

I'm Your Angel

You think you got a sign but you have started analysing what you received and now you are not so sure. Try This If you receive a sign, trust it. Write it down straight away and release the need to over analyse.

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Trust your Intuition Sometimes we already know the answer to the question we are asking. In this situation the Angels want you to be empowered to make your own decisions. They have not answered because they want you to trust your own inner wisdom. They will always be near, supporting us but there are times when they will choose not to respond. Her mother is aware that the child already knows the answer, so instead of giving the answer, the mother asks the same question of the child.

How To Talk To Angels And Hear Their Voices - by Tana HoyTana Hoy

If you are praying for better health and the Angels are guiding you to consume a healthier diet, it may not be the answer that you wanted to hear. If you then continue to smoke, drink alcohol or eat unhealthy foods, it may seem as if the Angels are not bringing you good health as you have asked. The Angels will always support us however if we take even the smallest steps in the right direction.

Nature Angels work with nature to send us signs — seeing a white feather, noticing a bird such as a robin , seeing angel wings form in the clouds, flowers such as roses and finding or being given crystal stones. Personal Signs If you have asked an important question and want a really clear answer, you can ask to see or experience something specific. It can be something significant to you or something random that you have asked to see. Someone I know was asking for a sign if they should go ahead with a particular career path. She asked to see a silver fox if the change was meant for her.

Angelic Guidance to Help Quiet the Mind

A day later she came across a website that had an image of a silver fox. Dreams We can ask the Angels to be with us as we go asleep and to send us a sign through our dreams. Chamuel' name means "He who sees God' or 'He who seeks God'. Chamuel is a powerful healer leader in the angelic hierarchy known as the 'Powers' who protect the world from fearful and lower energies. Call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection, and intervention in world events. Love, tolerance, gratitude. Call upon Chamuel if you need to find items, soulmate or the perfect job!