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Below are some of the gorgeous weddings we have had the pleasure of being a part of:.

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Eight years ago we decided to throw away the American dream and start living our own dream. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that our business would take us around the world, from the safari's of South Africa, the beaches of Thailand to the beauty of Southern France.

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We love the diversity when taking on different projects and bringing those stories to life. Something amazing happened while traveling-we started documenting our adventures with our children and realized we might be on to something.

Something New Edinburgh 12222

This quickly became another passion of ours, we are obsessed with getting out of our comfort zone and inspiring others to get out there and try something new! We started a youtube channel to share our experiences and would love for you to come along for the adventure www. Animal Essentials The movie depends on a sudden rain shower, that old Victorian standby, to drive them into the shelter of a tree for an unexpected kiss.

So let's pause and deal with some things you're probably assuming. You probably think "Something New," like the remake " Guess Who ," approaches interracial romance as a sitcom opportunity.

You probably think the cards are stacked in favor of these two people falling in love. But it isn't that simple. The movie is, astonishingly, told from a point of view hardly ever visible in movies: African-American professionals.

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Kenya's father Earl Billings is head of his department at Cedars-Sinai. Her mother Alfre Woodard is a pillar of black society, and of course her daughter made her debut at a black-tie Cotillion.

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Her brother is a lawyer for a movie studio. Her family and friends are not thrilled by the notion that she might date a white man. Neither is Kenya.


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That is not a prejudice, she tells Brian, but a preference. The movie has frank dialogue about race -- not platitudes about how we're all really the same, but realistic observations about race in modern America. There's talk of the "black tax" that requires someone like Kenya to work harder than her white colleagues, in order to overcome doubts about her competence. At work, she advises an important client to stay away from a merger; this is not news the client wants to hear, and he is unhappy hearing it from a black woman who seems better-informed than he is.

Something New Lyrics

Kenya and Brian do eventually fall into the first stages of a romance. But they get sidetracked when he asks her to take out her weave and wear her "own hair. In social situations, Brian is aware of coolness from Kenya's brother and her friends, and at a comedy club the black comedienne makes comments about race that land around him like grenades.

They love each other, but are they ready to take on the responsibility of declaring their love and living with it? You can lend a helping hand and support our work by donating new or preloved items in good conditions to SOSN. It is a great way to recycle clothing, furniture, household goods, electronics devices, toys and books while helping those in need.

Something New – Transforming the Recruiting Experience

You can drop off your preloved clothing, and fully functioning items at any SOSN outlets. We can schedule pick-up for large items donation such as furniture. For enquiries, please call or email sosn sacs. Something Old Something New. Available at.