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Young people in love. The stolen daughter case takes a sinister turn when she runs away from her mother. LaStanza and his crew discover why and frantically search to save the daughter from a horrible fate.

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11 Best Novels Featuring New Orleans images in | Best novels, Books to Read, Libros

Released in time for Halloween, this is a chilling steampunk thriller with murder and mayhem and a touch of erotica. A good holiday read. Check it out at the link below. Howls reverberate off lacework balconies along fog-shrouded streets of the old quarter as New Orleans Police Detectives search for missing men. The howling continues as mutilated bodies of the missing are discovered.


At night, terrorized citizens huddle behind barred doors in the French Quarter. The supersitious believe the killer is a werewolf. Is the work of this maniac conneced to the sudden, nearly uncontrollable lust overwhelming several pretty women involved in the case, including Detective Jacques Dugas's darling Evelyn? A deadly game of sex and violence plays out as police search for a frightful murderer. We have a limited number of free audiobooks to give away. Only catch - I ask that you review it on amazon. You don't have to say anthing nice if you don't like it but I think you will.

Narrator Julie Sears brings the book to life with an imp An American with special talents is sent to the Portuguese colony of Macao to discover why Japanese agents are frantically searching for a mysterious stone called the Blaer. Murder quickly follows as the American stumbles on a vivacious brunette who needs rescuing. Or does she? This audacious woman has her own special talents.

The chase is on as Japanese spies and German thugs pursue the American secret agents who turn out to be superheroes with super powers. Against a backdrop of exotic locales - a giant gambling casino in Macao, a voyage through the South China Sea through the Strait of Malacca into the Bay of Bengal to mainland India before our heroes travel to a lost island in the Arabian Sea to battle Nazi SS troop and evil scientists. The two Americans are drawn to one another on this plush island to become enmeshed in a struggle between good and evil. OverDrive uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience, monitor our performance, and understand overall usage trends for OverDrive services including OverDrive websites and apps.

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They alert us when OverDrive services are not working as expected. She remained a snapshot until a week later when she stepped from the darkness beneath the balcony of Lucien's building shortly after midnight, on a sultry Thursday night. It starts as a wandering daughter case when a pretty widow hires New Orleans private eye Lucien Caye to find her year-old daughter. Helen Croix walks into Caye's office with a picture of her missing daughter, Madelyn. She warns Lucien he'll be tempted when he finds the alluring strawberry-blond temptress.

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Madelyn Croix will most likely seduce him. Helen describes her daughter as rapacious. Lucien has to look up the word to discover it means avaricious, greedy, ravenous - subsisting on live prey. When year-old twins Laurie and Joseph Ercolani inherit a bundle upon the death of their estranged father, they learn their sailing-enthusiast father also left each an identical sailing yacht.

The twins have different ideas about what to do with their inheritance.

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Laurie sees it as an opportunity to fulfill her dream of making a movie. Joe sees it as seed-money for a get-rich-quick scheme. Before Katrina - New Orleans is the murder capital of America and her troubled streets give rise to a cop who hunts killers with methodical, calculating precision, innate in a man half-Cajun and half-Sioux. While others lose their heads in the maddening hunt for a cop-killer, Homicide Detective John Raven Beau focuses his instincts in the relentless pursuit of a murderer.

Along the backwash of the Milky Way Galaxy lies a sun-kissed planet Earthlings call Octavion, a world of sparkling blue oceans, emerald green forests, bright deserts, and blue-green lakes. The size of Earth, with a similar star for its sun, Octavion is moonless with an oxygen-rich atmosphere, a planet of colors so vivid they amaze humans. During the day, the Octavion sun raises the temperature into the 90s Fahrenheit. With a nearly non-existent polar tilt, the seasons change so little, they are barely recognized.

LaStanza: New Orleans Police Stories (LaStanza New Orleans Police Novels)

Come prowl the lonely, sometimes violent streets of American's most exotic city, the city that care forgot, New Orleans, with a lone-wolf private-eye named Lucien Caye. Unlike most 40s PIs, Caye rarely drinks, doesn't smoke or wear a hat it messes up his hair. He's six feet tall with wavy, dark brown hair and standard-issue Mediterranean-brown eyes, a sly smile and a clever mind that often gets him into trouble.

Caye lives and works in the run-down New Orleans French Quarter of the late s. In Homicide, you're only as good as your last case. LaStanza must investigate a "floater" pulled from the Mississippi River.