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  5. 1. Stop dieting, restricting and depriving yourself

I want to have fun and enjoy life but not hide in full clothes while at beach and just being ashamed of my body. I love this lifestyle in so many ways and I will never give up on it. I guess I have no choice. This is a bad day. I have had success and felt like my fat-storage cells were OFF, then either slacking off on carb-restriction, or stress or stress leading to carb indulgence or injury or sickness will sideline me for a while and it will come back on. I HATE rules, but when it comes down to it, my body has certain guidelines within which it will function.

I have been fat for the past 39 years. Splenda and MSG , my whole psyche turns around, not just my weight. The overwhelming becomes achievable, bit by bit. Until your bad day can turn around, please have a piece of my good day. It is interesting to see the looks on peoples faces when I respond to their question of how I got into shape.

It all boils down to how badly you want to succeed at getting fit and healthy.


For me, it was a gluten allergy and a refusal to gravitate towards prescription drugs. Or ask to remove 1 junk food at a time. Our ravioli supply will not be re-stocked when it runs out. Also kid only food. When you do away with sugar, you never want to go back. Somehow I have to find the time to slow down and relax meditation! Trips to the gym! It has led to the low-key depression Mark mentions, I believe, that only fuels the carb eating. I apply all that I can but not eating organic, its so expensive, but I still have great results,.

I think most of us have experienced at least 2 or 3 of these issues when trying to lose weight and adopt a new lifestyle. From my experience working with personal training clients the 2 most common hurdles I see is the second and last points. Many people I know really struggle to break away from their social groups and say no to occasions that they know they should not be attending. For me if you are struggling then you have not reached the point where enough is enough even though you think you are.

Regarding depression…I suffered from depression for about 8 years and was using Welbutrin to cope.

42 Best Workout Apps: Fitness, Food Trackers, and More

My family physician who was treating my depression AND who believes no one needs grains, set up a program for me to follow to reduce and eliminate the medication. I have been off the stuff for more than a year and have not once had a relapse of my symptoms. Other people struggle—they keep going—I can, too. Please write a post on the dangers of eating disorders, warning your followers of the signs and symptoms, and telling them that if they experience ANY of these things, to see a therapist and medical professional immediately, and stop using your site forever.

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I beg you to watch out for these youngsters. If you insist on cutting fat and carbs, yes, you will create nutrition problems in people of any age. There are many here with same experience. In fact, he tries to educate people about nutrient dense food and the benefits to their health in consuming it. Wonderful tips.

These things are not talked a out enough in the Primal Paleo sphere!!! Very few of us are perfect. Has anyone seen the connection with happy gut bacteria? Another consideration when feeding yur gut. Fermenting is fun! Exercise is the key, though. And in my case, it has to be hard exercise, at the gym, in a class, sweaty. Blood sugars? No problem. Thanks so much for this series of articles. It has been helping keep my focus even if it is only on how far I have come. I know I have a long ways to go but I feel better.

Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance

On my bad days, I remind myself that I have successfully lost and kept off 70lbs. I am overall feeling better and have a brain again. Gluten and Dairy are such toxins to me that accidentally ingesting either will make me sick for over a week flu-like symptoms, GI distress, skin eruptions the works. Finding out that I have autoimmune issues also allowed me to forgive myself for my failures easier. Right now I am recovering from my second injury in the last year. Last summer I fell and damaged my ribs, it took over 6 months for them to heal and I gained back 15 lbs of weight since I had trouble doing anything for very long.

I think this is more painful than the rib injury. I spent most of the last 2 weeks on involuntary bedrest as I could hardly move my leg or put any weight on it. Now that I am moving again I have spent time outside every single day and it is remarkable how that one thing even if all I do is hobble outside and stand in the sunshine for a few minutes is helping my recovery.

Thanks again for MDA, it has been such a source of encouragement and inspiration for me. I need the daily reminders to focus on my health and make myself a little better every day. I thought of 11 for me — NOT having enough good snacks or food around — being out of groceries! I have had 5 brain operations — 4 stomach operations and probably about 6 other kinds all in the last 4 years and I think I fall back on feeling sorry for myself and then let ANY reason get it my way.

Lost my dear father too.

I just think I must actively look for excuses to get in my own way of not only weight loss — but great health! I have just a miserable 50 lbs to lose and an awesome strong body dying to break out behind the flab! Thanks Mark — your article was SO timely and I am tired of my own excuses and I own every single one you posted except the alcohol so being aware is maybe all I need!

The Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet

Change is scary. Being the chubby invisible middle-aged frump was easy. Being a hot, shapely babe-of-a-certain-age is a whole different situation.

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Seeing men half my age checking me out…and liking what they see…is terrifying sometimes. When I started out on this journey, I never thought about dealing with things like that! I got stuck at a certain weight and still could not lose my tummy, even though my husband continued to lose his to the point I had to buy size 32 pants for him and now those are falling off!

I blamed middle-age, menopause and other things out of my control. Then — I happened to get a middle-ear issue that would not go away, so my Naturopath told me to try to ditch the dairy for a week. Well, heck!

1. Stop dieting, restricting and depriving yourself

My tummy got flatter! Do I feel stupid…. The bad habits do tend to creep up because us humans are wired that way — we want routines — even my dog gets cranky when his routine is disrupted.

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For example, I had to stop with the dark chocolate because it became an every-day habit instead of a once-in-a-while habit. And eating after dinner was a long-time habit of ours. The other thing I did to help myself was to stop reading the forums.