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Typically, people try to address the painful symptoms without recognizing the source. The true source remains unconscious for most people.

When Suffering Persists - A Theology of Candor - Read book online

The next step in our growing ability to avoid the deep lagoons is our biggest leap yet. What does it mean to be attached in this way?

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This attachment is the consequence of the fact that we have no choice but to experience in a painful way whatever is unresolved in our psyche. Unresolved negative emotions are simply determined to be experienced, and our challenge is to liberate ourselves from these attachments.

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Through our intelligence we can achieve inner freedom when we expose the dynamics of our psyche. What are some examples of unresolved negative emotions to which we are attached? We want to feel strong, but we are identified with ourselves through weakness.

When Suffering Persists …

The primary conflict in our psyche is between inner passivity the self-doubt of our defensive subordinate ego and inner aggression in the form of harsh self-assessments administered by our inner critic or superego. Through this conflict, we experience aggression in one moment and passivity in the next. Our consciousness does not see the source of our suffering, our attachment to the variations of deep negativity again, these variations include emotions associated with deprivation, loss, helplessness, control, domination, criticism, betrayal, and abandonment.

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  • All we usually see are our symptoms or reactions to deep negativity again, these symptoms include anger, depression, hatred, greed, withdrawal, cynicism, envy, loneliness, apathy, and a judgmental attitude. We give all the headlines to the symptoms, and fail to see the root cause of our suffering deep negativity back in the classified section of the newspaper. We practice self-deception through our psychological defense system. This system is designed to protect our ego , the superficial operating system or outdated software of our mind.

    We protect our ego out of unconscious fear: I will disappear into thin air, or not be who I think I am, if I let go of my ego. Meanwhile, people cover up their emotional attachments to deep negativity by using the symptoms as psychological defenses. Look at how angry I get when so-and-so criticizes me. This defense covers up the fact that, through our compulsion to keep experiencing what is unresolved, we are indeed truly interested in revisiting old unresolved emotions such as rejection.

    We use defenses such as anger or blame to cover our tracks.

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